Wednesday, 8 June 2016

7wa2 Paths and Shooting!

LO - Understand how to add different types of paths to a world and use these to control enemies within a game

STARTER:  What skills might be needed to create a game like this? 

Good: Walls and roads added to the world to make it look more realistic
Better: Use a plain path to control an enemy or other character
Best: World setting tweaked to improve the overall experience

ALL HELPSHEETS ARE on Google classroom:

Kodu Challenge 1

Create a basic world in Kodu, which has a few trees and objects.   5-7 mins.  Save it, give it a sensible name.

Kodu Challenge 2

Add walls and roads to your world. Save it again. 5-7 minutes

Kodu Challenge 3

Add an invisible path which follows your road.  Add an KODU (who will be your enemy) to the start of the invisible path. Save your game.

Kodu Challenge 4

Programme the character to follow the path automatically and when he/she sees anything. 
HINT: When, See, Anything, Do - Move,  On Path, Quickly
Save your game. 

Kodu Challenge 5

Add a main character to your world.
Programme him or her to move using the arrow keys. 
HINT. When, Keyboard, Arrows, Do Move Forward, Quickly
Save your game.

Kodu Challenge 6

Programme the ‘enemy Kodu’ character to shoot at the main character as he moves through the game.  HINT: When, See, Options, Close By, Do: Shoot, Blip

Extension Challenge

Experiment with World Settings and changing variables. Save your game. 

Racing Game. Learning Review. based on what you have learnt today, which skills now do you think you'll need to create game like this....

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