Wednesday, 8 June 2016

7xc1 Photoshop Skills Weds 8th June

LO - Learn and practice appropriate Photo shop skills, in order to apply them to a "Montage"

Starter - look at the example Montage - what skills will you need to learn?

Follow these steps:

  • Find a background image on google and right click, copy image
  • In Photoshop, choose File new and it will make the canvas the right size.  Paste the background image in.
  • Choose another image - a person - animal / thing for example and repeat the process.
  • Using the Magnetic Lasso tool cut around your person / animal / thing (keep clicking to keep accurate) (backspace key if you go wrong)
  • Cut your person out and paste him / her onto the background
  • Select another image - right click copy - file new, name and paste
  • Repeat the process with the magnetic lassoo tool - cut and paste - new layer - name your layers

YOUR TASK - Put a famous person on /against a famous landmark/ eating something really random - For example - Rihanna up the Eiffel Tower eating a bowl of snails

AMBER TASK - if you can't locate the appropriate tools in Photo Shop then google !

Drop Shadow
Outer Glow

Green for Green

Share your new skills with a member of your team. Then a member of another team.  Remember, don't touch their keyboard. Explain your learning to them. 

Plenary - Moving On

What's a Montage?
How do you feel after this lesson (3 adjectives)
What else would you like to learn in Photoshop? 

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