Sunday, 10 January 2016

7ye1 Scratch Lesson 2 - Importing and setting the scene

LO - import characters and set up your game, in order that it's fit for purpose and appropriate for audience

Starter - list 3-5 adjectives which describes the main character that you created last lesson with Miss James. Your partner needs to guess if it's a goody or a baddy!

Task 1: Importing and Programming

Open Scratch from the school system.  All Programs, ICT and Business

a) Import and your main character from your Sites folder:

b) Add script to your main character to so that the character will always follow the mouse

These are the script blocks you will need

Task 2:
a) Import a sprite that will be the enemy in your game - choose from the Sprites available to you...

Task 3:
a) Create or import a background for your game

Finally ....

a) Download the Unit 1 Scratch Programming Evidence Document

Add some additional  script to your main character so that it appears on the screen at certain coordinates or speaks to the player! 


b) Save in your SITES > ICT > Unit 1 folder
c) Complete the Lesson 1 section of the document

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