Monday, 30 November 2015

7xd4 Pseudocode and Evidence

Unit 1 - Lesson 5 Algorithms

To use pseudocode to make instructions more efficient
To exlain my undertanding of psuedocode 


Following the instructions on the flowchart; 

If you were not here last week, download this and save to your Sites folder...

Unit 1 Evidence - supported 

If you were here last week..  Open up Logo and try to draw a square. Work with a partner if you're stuck.

The link is here:  http://www.j2e.com/logo.html 

Main 1 - Giving instructions to draw a shape 

What was difficult about giving instructions to create a square?   
What instructions did you give, as an algorithm to draw your square?
How could you make your instructions more efficient?

Challenge - using the function that we've just discovered. Could you draw a hexagon, circle or any other shape?

How could you represent this as pseudocode using the following commands? Try it out 

RPT []:

Main 2 - Evidence your learning

In your Unit 1 Evidence Folder.... 

Complete (together first) the 2nd page on Logo. Explain what the code shows. 

Moving learning on:  Could you write the code to make another shape of your choice? What instructions would you give?  

EXTENSION:   https://studio.code.org/s/20-hour/stage/7/puzzle/1 - The Artist

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