Sunday, 29 November 2015

7ye1 Period 2 Monday 30th November (565)

Unit 1 - Lesson 4 Algorithms

LO - to evaluate your unit of work. Literacy focus! 


Tell your cover teacher what you have learnt so far in this unit of work. 

(think algorithms, flowcharts, pseudocode, refining mistakes and your programming) 


1) Open your Unit 1 Evidence Document.  and should have been saved in your Sites folder.

2) Complete the Pseudocode for Logo writing that you started with Miss James last lesson.

3) Complete the final page called Evaluation.  Write in full sentences and try to PEE all over your work.
Point, Evidence Explain - as you would when writing in and English lesson

Note Factory balls - should read Logo.  There is a mistake in the document.

4) Check each other's spelling and grammar.  Make corrections. 

Extension - only when your cover teacher is happy that you've written enough in the evaluation.  At least 3 sentences for each question. 

Either continue to experiment with:

The Artist
Factory Balls 

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