Thursday, 3 July 2014


 To develop, test and refine your website design and content


you have developed the content of your website
You have tested your website and understand the importance of testing
You have an idea of what changes you need to make and why

Starter - recap - Testing - why do we do it?

Download this test log:  - it has examples of a few tests which came from our User Needs.

Open your test log and your website....

List tests


Complete the test plan for your formal testing ...... 

Main - Indepent Enquirers - C3B4me (friends, google, my blog, links below)

Using the skills we have learnt so far. Develop the content of your pages - leave the design for now, we can edit templates next lesson once we have tested towards the end of today's lesson.

Remember to update yur assets table.

  • You can now 
  • insert content
  • insert and edit images
  • Make images scroll, rollover
  • Insert / embed a video (you have access to a school youtube account via gmail)
  • Use code to edit layout
  • Add inks and sublinks
  • change colour of text, background and style of font using the template

The following may help:

Go back over old lesson blog posts for hints and tips

These google slides developed for year 10 web design exam

The following websites:

 http://o2learn.decoded.co/html-css/lesson/0/ - set for homework a few weeks ago. Some useful code

Marquee code plus other useful code:


Generate code - marquee (scrolling images) and other code


Testing - for the last 20 minutes of the lesson:

Why test our website?  How could we document this?  Why is it important to act on feedback? What could we test?  Think how the website functions and how it looks?

Download this test log:  - it has examples of a few tests which came from our User Needs.

Load your website in iExplore, get someone else to test it and say how you will act on feedback.

eg:  Suitablity for audience - is it, is it

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