Thursday, 19 June 2014

9p5 Finishing Trading Card Boxes

Lo to apply software skills to create a trading card box
Lo to act on feedback to improve your designs 


Open your Trading Card Box Design - Sites, D203 SPB, Products, Trading Card Surface Design
Open your design log - Sites, D203 SBP, Evidence, Design Logs,  Trading Card Box Design log.

If you've not yet got a design log use one of these and download it to your design log folder.

Trading Card Box Design Log - easier version

Trading Card Box Design Log - Harder version

1 point for each number ticked off:

1) Finish your trading card box design in Fireworks.  
2) Save / Export as a JEPG
3) Email JPEG to Mrs Anderson (so she can get it printed off in colour)
4) Upload the JPEG to the Products page of your E Portfolio (Adobe Dreamweaver)
5) Let Miss know so she can update the progress tracker 
5) Open up your design log (links above if you don't have one yet) 
6) Get in feedback and your pictures
7) Save your design log as a PDF and upload it to your Evidence Page
8) Done all this - 5 bonus points, post card home, gold and now go back and see what you're missing from your whole project.

Plenary - think about next lesson - you'll need to make up your trading card box, take pictures of it at different angles and put it into Photoshop with a background that reflects your game.  Can you sketch your ideas. 

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