Thursday, 19 June 2014

10p1 Acting on Feedback

LO to refine your coursework based on Mrs Anderson's feedback !!! 
(one more week of class time to go)

1) Open Feedback sheets on your google drive - any new comments or reinforced old comments are in blue - if you emailed me Tuesday!

Write on a post it what you will work on today - choose 1-3 items from the feedback

Complete this CLINIC GOOGLE FORM  to let me know when you intend to attend clinic in the next few weeks. 

Promo videos - this could be a decent alternative for making Promo Videos 


Main 1 - The Mark Scheme 

Strand A (9) - Design and development - Overview, Moodboard, Annotations, all storyboards and assets table, test plan
Strand B (7) - Game Functionality - game and test plan
Strand C (7) - User Experience - game and user instructions
Strand D (5) - Game Show case - Promo video 
Strand E (5) - Game Review - on screen review 

Total 33 Marks

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