Tuesday, 3 January 2017

8wbCP2 Unit 4 Lesson 1 - Input and Output devices / Sensors

LO - Understand the differences betweeninput and output devices and recognisewhere sensors are usedin everyday objects.

  • GOOD: Identify whether each device is an input or output and briefly explain its function.
  • BETTER: Accurately describe the functionality of each device.
  • BEST: Identify and explain how sensors are used in everyday items.
 Lesson 1 Teachers' Slides Input, Output, Sensor


As you are looging on and loading up this blog post, google classroom, discuss or look up the following and see if you can find the definition of:

Input Device
Output Device

Development 1 - Based on the teachers slides work your way through slides 5 and 6.

Develolpment 2 - based on teacher input,  complete slides 8 and 9 on sensors.

Moving on

Test your knowledge against the outcomes.  What do you still need to know? 

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