Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Year 7 Alogrithms 1 (7wbCP3)

L/O - To demonstrate sequencing skills using flowcharts

Write down the stages that you could go through to make toast

1) Put bread in toaster
2) Boil water

Development 1 - New knowledge

What is an Algorithm?

Algorithms as Flowcharts: http://www.bbc.co.uk/education/guides/z3bq7ty/revision/3

Development 2 - Apply 

Go to https://www.draw.io/ and create a flowchart for making toast
Name your flowchart when you have finished and store in your Computing folder

Making Flowcharts in Draw.io - follow this link if you need some help! 


Development 3 - Assess 

Peer assessment.  Are the flowchart symbols used correctly?  Could your classmate follow the flow chart to achieve the end result?

Deeper Learning. Create a flowchart of your own that could help someone solve an every day task

Plenary - Try the Algorithms Quiz here  - what do you still need to know?  

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