Tuesday, 22 November 2016

8wbCp2 Tuesday 22nd November P2

LO: Understand how to create a loop in Python and use a Boolean variable to define when to stop

In partners – think of all the things that you have done with python so far on post its and place on post it board. What program do we use? Keywords?

What is Iteration?
Think about these questions:
What different types of loops are described in the video?
What is the technical term for loops?
What might a loop do in a piece of code???

Activity 1
Pick a worksheet and complete the challenge.

Activity 2
What does the code do?
Take a screen shot of your working code and place in to your evidence document bn google classroom.
Explain what the loop is doing to your code.
Which loop is it?
What would happen if there wasn't that loop there?

Can you explain what other parts of the code is doing? Can you use keywords to help you explain?
What does the # symbol do in your code?
Why would you use a #?
Can you find out why Python is called Python? and why IDLE is called IDLE?

1 minute in silence to think about what you have learnt today.
Put it on to a post it with your name for the post it wall.

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