Wednesday, 30 November 2016

7wb CP3 - Peudocode

L/O 1 - To apply sequencing techniques using pseudocode and interactive resources
L/O 2 - To reflect on and evaluate your own performance

Test it out......

In pairs, have a go at writing out the instructions to draw this shape:

Could you refine your instructions?

Development 1

Open your
Unit 1 - Evidence Document on google classroom. 
Write out your instructions (or your pseudocode).
Use code termiology, not long sentences!  

Go to the
LOGO website and use the help sheet HERE to create a shape

Add a screenshot to your Evidence Document

Q:Is there any way we can make the instructions more efficient (using less instructions)?

So if you're answering a question, state your point, back it up with a piece of evidence and then explain it.

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