Saturday, 8 October 2016

8wbCP2 Cover Tues 11th October. P5 901

TBAT Demonstrate circuit building skills using online interactive resources

About 20 mins:  Starter:  Complete your Truth Table and Logic Gate quizzes from last week and test them out on a few classmates.

Main - Choose one of the 3 challenges below.  Screen shot your finished circuits into your Evidence Document on classroom.google.com.  Do this even if it's not finished!

Challenge 1: Pedestrian Crossing
- Can you create a pedestrian crossing circuit using Logic.ly or Logic Lab ?

Challenge 2: Christmas Tree Lights
- Can you create a Christmas tree lights circuit using Logic.ly or Logic Lab ?

Challenge 3: Flashing Text Sign
- Can you create a flashing text sign circuit using Logic.ly  or Logic Lab ?

There are some helpful tutorials here:

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