Monday, 3 October 2016

8wbCP2 (903) P2 Tuesday 4th October

To be able to convert (AND, OR, NOT) Logic gates into Truth tables

Entry to learning

As you're logging on to classroom.google.com - discuss with the person next to you what you can remember last week's Logic gate lesson.

  The On Off Binary game! 

Binary digit 1 =On, true
Binary digit 0 =Off, false 

 Recap =  How do logic gates work?  

How can we covert these into Truth tables ? (look at the tables below the logic gate images)

 Main - From google classroom, open your evidence document.
C0mplete the Truth tables in lesson 3.  We'll do this together first

Try this quiz to test your learning:

Deeper Learning:  Design a quiz or game (on paper or using technology) to test a classmate's knowledge of logic gates and conversion to truth tables.

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