Monday, 23 May 2016

7ye1 Monday 23rd May P2

7ye1 - To develop animation skills in Adobe Fireworks.

Watch this video... Animation versus Animator. How do you think it is made?  Discuss with your cover teacher.....

Today you're going to create a very simple animation, which you can make harder if you want to.....


Open up Adobe Fireworks from START,ALL PROGRAMS, ADOBE MASTER COLLECTION, ADOBE FIREWORKS CS5.  Don't do anything else now until you've opened the tutorial....


Follow this very easy tutorial to create a bouncing ball mini animation....


If it's easier to work in pairs, with the set of instructions on one screen and the Tutorial on another, that's fine!

Follow the instructions carefully. Save you work in your Sites, Skills Building Folder.


Now that you've learnt the basics, have a go at making your own mini animation but drawing an animal, and making it move.....

Extension. Using the presentation skills that we learnt a few weeks ago, create a PowerPoint or Google slides presentation about what you've done and what you've LEARNT this lesson.

OR - using Photoshop skills, could you create a 'Character' in Photoshop to animate in Fireworks!!

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