Wednesday, 4 May 2016

7wa2 Skills Building 4 - Animation

LO Develop animation skills using Adobe Fireworks
Outcomes - to learn new software skills. To edit or create your own mini animation.

Starter.  Watching this video.... How do you think this is made? 


Open up Google classroom

You will see 3 options. 

  1. Option 1 (challenge) - Edit the little bird dude to move around the screen using 'States' in Adobe Fireworks
  2. Option 2 (even more of a challenge)  - Follow the Bouncing Ball Tutorial to create your own character and animate it, using States in Fireworks.  You will need the patience to follow a tutorial
  3. Option 3 (the ultimate challenge) - Use the video tutorial to have a go

If one is too easy or too difficult, then try something harder or easier.
If you discover something amazing, share it with the class! 

C3b4me - if you get stuck
1) Look at the options along the side or top of the Fireworks software
2) Ask a friend or google it
3) Only when you're REALLY stuck - ask Miss or Sir


Review each other's stop frame animations.   What skills have your colleagues learnt.

What have you learnt to do this lesson?   What software do you have at home that you could practice with??

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