Monday, 9 May 2016

7ey1 Monday 11th May - Period 1

LO - Can you guess the learning objective from today's lesson?

Cover - First half of the lesson.

Setting the scene......   Imagine we have done a classroom survey of favourite songs and we need to display the results in a graph.....

Development - Task 1 

Using your school email login to......


Find our class 7ey1

Read the instructions carefully. 

Using the survey data, highlight the song titles and the numbers to create different graphs.  In google charts this is INSERT, CHART, and then choose the chart. 

What could today's learning objective be?  

Task 2 - Answer the question on the spreadsheet about which represents the information best and why?

Extension:  Carry out a quick small group survey of your choice (ie: give 5 football teams, blogs, apps, cars and ask someone to choose their favourite. Record the data.  Create an APPROPRIATE GRAPH to represent your findings.

Plenary:  What is your learning objective?  What else would you like to know about graphs and charts?  How could you improve the look of some of yours to represent findings in a better way.  

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