Wednesday, 20 April 2016

7wa2 Skills Building 2 - Spreadsheets

LO Develop spreadsheet formula skills using Microsoft Excel

Outcomes: Students will be able to use simple formula  to solve problems and create graphs and charts to display data

Starter: Battleships Bingo.  Using the cell references, find the coordinates! 

What do you not know about spreadsheets? 



Task 1: The Wizards Challenge

Download  The Wizards Challenge spreadsheet into your Sites/Skills Building folder. This will help you to understand cell references. Complete the task. 
How does what you've learnt relate to anything you wrote down during your starter? 

Task 2: The Gold Mine

Students should download and complete The Gold Mine challenge that will introduce basic formula.

Extension: The Sweet Challenge.... THE CHALLENGE. 
(Green for Green) 

The Sweet Challenge requires you to use trial and error and problem solving to solve

Plenary. You are planning a party.  How could using a spreadsheet help you
Who do you think uses spreadsheets as part of their daily work life? 

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