Monday, 11 April 2016

7ey1 Skills Building (1)

LO  Demonstrate effective presentation skills using suitable software

Starter; When have you made a PowerPoint presentation, what was it used for?  Did you use animation?  Thinking back to it now, how could it have / of  been improved ?  (LITERACY LINK!) 

Task 1

Quite Possibly the worst PowerPoint Ever.

With a partner, work through the above presentation.  Choose 2 aspects that you'd change about each slide?  Prepare to give your reasons why. 

Task 2 

Download this Video games presentation to your Sites folder into a new folder called Skills building.

Video Games to edit

Edit it at least 3 slides to make it look more professional and fit for purpose and audience

Task 3 

Create your own presentation, anything you like. If you've used Ppoint before then use Google Slides which you can share with others - groups of 2 or 3.  Work out how you might each collaborate

AFL - Who's your audience, what's the purpose?  Does it look appropriate?  

Plenary.   What effective presentation skills have you demonstrated?  What would you still like to IMPROVE?? 

Homework - Finish your presentation for Miss James, demonstrating what you've learnt today. 

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