Wednesday, 9 March 2016

LO - Demonstrate iteration programming using Scratch


WAD REFLECTION - Copy your WAD from Stickers to you folders and set yourself a target, appropriate for you in order to improve your Wildern Steps.

Task 1 - What is iteration?  

Clk the picture to learn about iteration :

Challenge 1:

Add a forever loop to your 'goodie' sprite so it moves (up and down or left and right for example).  It could look like this! 

Or try this for something more random!


Challenge 2:

Add a text bubble to your game so that your baddy sprite says something to your main character at the start of the game.  It could look like this...

Or for something more along the lines of a conversation, try this: 


Extension - Question in a cup - how can you make it more challenging.  

Work on your game to add other elements that you would like. You can use internet research to help.  You could try sound to make it more interactive. Even better, could you try music on a repeat or loop?

Moving On .... 

a) Open your Scratch Evidence Document
b) Complete the Lesson 4 and 5 section
c) Save your work


Design a Game over SCREEN for your game...
DUE: Next ICT Lesson - Weds 9th March - 7wa2, Monday 7th March 7wb2

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