Friday, 22 January 2016

Lesson 3 - If statements

LO - Understand and demonstrate Selection programming using 'if' in Scratch
(Wildern Steps 15,16,17)


Click the image to watch an introduction to 'selection' and 'if'


In your own words, what should this programming do? 

Task 1: 'If' in Scratch

a) Launch your Scratch game from last lesson
b) Add some code blocks to your game for the enemy sprite that:
c) makes the enemy sprite move in a random direction
d) if touching the edge bounce away

EXTENSION:     Try experimenting with the degrees and steps

Task 2: If Else

Click here to read and learn about If Else

Task 3: 'If Else' in Scratch
a) Edit the code blocks of your main character sprite to include an 'If Else' statement

Try changing the 'mouse down?' block and the timings on 'say'


Add in some If and If Else statements of your own into the game

a) Open your Scratch Evidence Document 
b) Complete the Lesson 2 section
c) Save your work

Homework - complete Task 6 of your blue booklet.  Due to Miss James. Thursday 4th Feb. 

Extension:   Practice your Scratch skills at home - varilable for example, by using this

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