Tuesday, 3 November 2015

7xdIS4 Algorithms Lesson 1

Unit 1 - Lesson 1 Algorithms

LO - Demonstrate sequencing skills using flowcharts


Hexahexaflexagons are strange folded objects that have hidden sides. At any time only 2 sides are visible, but a hexahexaflexagon actually has six sides. Some sides can appear in more than one state with a different centre. Let’s start by making one:

Click here for a set of instructions (an algorithm) on how to make aHexahexaflexagon

Build your Hexahexaflexagon using the template

Development ..... 

Task: Create your own simple Algorithm
a) Find and launch Microsoft Visio from your Start Menu
b) Create a flowchart for a simple everyday task, like making toast for example
c) Print your flowchart when you have finished and store in your folder
d) Annotate your flowchart explaining how it works

Building on Learning..... 

Apply your new knowledge - Create a flowchart of your own that could help someone solve an every day task

Try the Algorithms Quiz here   - Record your score on your folders!  We'll do this again in a few weeks time.

Blog what you have learnt today! 


Task 2 and 3 of your blue homestudy booklets.  Due to Miss James. Friday 13th

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