Sunday, 22 November 2015

7xd4 - Flowchart Evidence

Unit 1 - Lesson 4 Algorithms

Homework Detentions! 

LO - Explain your understanding of algorithms, based on online programming

Outcome - I will know you have reached this objective by completing the evidence document


From what you can remember of last week's Lightbot flowcharts, draw them in the air.    How did you create it? What do the shapes mean ? 

Development Part 1 ... 

1. Download this document and  save it into your Sites folder.  Choose whether you'd like support or try independently. 

Unit 1 Evidence - supported 

Unit 1 Evidence - independent 

2. Open your Lightbot flow diagram from last week. 

3. Follow the instructions to complete the first page of the Evidence Sheet. The sentences are started for you. 

Development Part 2 ... 

4. Play Lightbot for 5 minutes

5. Complete the 2nd page of the Evidence Document by inserting a print screen and explaining what your screen print shows. 


Check your partners SPAG! 

Have they met the  objective?
What questions do you still have? Write one on a post it note? 

Homestudy...  Complete  Task 4 of your Homestudy Booklet by Tuesday 1st December. 

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