Monday, 16 November 2015

7xd4 Cover Period 1 (LRC) Tuesday 17th November 2015

Unit 1 - Lesson 3 Algorithms - Lightbot 

LO - Apply sequencing to online progamming

Outcomes - I will know you understand and can do this if you have produced a flowchart for Lightbot Level 1 or Level 2 

STARTER - 5 minutes 

Tell the cover teacher what you learnt last week about making improvements to your flowcharts, so that they looked more like flowcharts!

New learning and applying your knowledge....  15 minutes 

Have a go at Level 1 of Lightbot by clicking here

As you are working through level 1, say out loud the instructions you are giving. Forward 1, Forward 2, Light Up etc..  

TO DO - 25 minutes 

oCreate a flowchart based on what you know about flowcharts to represent level 1 or level 2 of lightbot.

Does it have a START /STOP oval?
Have you written the processes or steps in rectangles?
Have you joined up your processes with arrows?

It could look something like this: 

Plenary - 1o minutes 

Test it - does it work?  Ask a partner, if they were a Lightbot Dude would they be able to follow the instructions. 

What needs changing ?  Remember for next week ! 

No homework this week :) 

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