Wednesday, 11 November 2015

7xcIS1 Period 5 Cover Weds 11th November (Rm 679)

Unit 1 - Lesson 1 Algorithms

LO - Demonstrate sequencing skills using flowcharts


The Human Robot versus Instructions!

What happens if we give "bad" instructions?
What implications does this have in the real world?   Think traffic lights or robots in hospitals who dispense medicine? 

Development .....

Create your own simple Algorithm using the worksheet as an example. 

1) Find and launch Microsoft Word
2) Create a flowchart for a simple everyday task copying the one on the help sheet.
To insert the shapes, go to Insert, Shapes and find the flowchart shapes. Right click to add text. (Image below to help).

3) Save you flow chart in your Sites folder:

File, Save As, find your name or network drive on the left hand side, find your Sites folder and save it in there - call it Flowchart 1.

Building on Learning.....

Apply your new knowledge - Annotate on your word document in a text box what you flowchart means, if you can. 

Try the Algorithms Quiz here- Record your score on your folders! We'll do this again in a few weeks time.


None set this week. Mr Dunn will set next week. 

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