Wednesday, 11 June 2014

9m2 A testing lesson of two halves

LO - How can testing and acting on feedback make a difference to your marks ?

You can tell me how testing makes a difference to your marks and you have finished your Trading Card Box Net
You have tested your work in line with SPB requirements and started your surface design. 
You have acted upon this testing feedback and applied changes to your work - some of you may even have documented this in your trading card box design logs.

WIIFM (what's in it for me?) - What difference will testing and feedback back to your coursework?

STARTER:  Ewan's trading card box net?  How does it fit the brief?  Is there anything not right? How could we test it? What difference would testing make?  Where could we record this testing and feedback?


RED (15 minutes max) 
1.      Complete your trading card box design in 2D Design
2.     Test it and make changes
3.     Save it as a 2D design file
4.     Export it as a JPEG to your Trading Card Box Net folder
5.     Upload this JPEG it to your E Portfolio, Evidence Page
6.     Tell me so I can update the progress tracker
7.     Now save a copy of the 2D net document
8.     Take the dimension lines off and make the net lines thicker

9.     Save / Export this as a "netnolines.png" in your Surface Design folder
10. Can you answer the Learning Objective Question?


  1. Look at the example trading card box surface design
  2. Questions: Does it fit the brief? (bitmap tools used and visual links to cards) Which tools have been used?  How could you achieve this? 
  3. Open your netnolines.png in Photoshop or Fireworks - which software will you choose and why?  You need to use Bitmap tools
  4. (if you need help then there is a blank net in File Store, Write and it's called Z 9m2 blank net open in photoshop)
  5. Start to apply your surface design using the tools and effects we've discussed 
  6. Save is as trading card box surface design in the appropriate folder 
  7. Can you answer Learning Objective Question? 

Get together with a friend who is at about the same stage as you and do a bit of a 2 stars and a wish.  Test it against the requirements, how could effects and tools be used to improve the look and visual links to the cards?  

If you're ready for your design log to make note of feedback then download from here to your design log folder and get going.  

Trading Card Box Design Log - easier version (ask me if this is appropriate for you) 

And ask me for a GREEN.

Plenary ..... how have we achieved our outcomes?  Can you answer the LO question.
If we have time - Key Word Sports!!  

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