Sunday, 29 June 2014

7x1 Subsystems

LO to appreciate the use of subsystems 
LO to refine instructions with the use of subsystems

Entry Task  - Our Robot Homework - ideas and questions....

Starter - look at this subsystem.  Why is it used?  What does it do?  Where could you use it with one of the more complex mimics on flowol.


Trial and Error and working with a partner.  Can you develop a subsystem?  
Does it work? Why not?

Main 2 

Annotate your progress - what have you done so far?  What's worked, what hasn't?
Remember what we learnt about providing evidence last week.  It's the WHYs and HOWs and BECAUSESs that make good evidence. 

Main 3

Refine your systems.  Do they work?  What improvements have you made?
Annotate your improvements.

Plenary - how do subsystems work?  Why are they important?  How might this help with your Robot homework?

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