Thursday, 26 June 2014

7x1 Robot Homework - Due 14th July

Homework - Design your own Robot - Deadline - 14th July

(For this Monday 30th come with some ideas that we can discuss in class)

Design a robot for a particular purpose.  You will need to be independent enquirers and find out about lots of different robots and then design a robot of your choice.  

1) Research - what is a robot?  where do we use robots in every day life? what are the benefits and drawbacks of robots as part of our society?
2) Planning - You must clearly define its purpose, target market and key features. 
3) Produce a flow chart using the symbols we have learnt to chart one of the robots jobs.  
4 Draw your robot - hand draw or on the computer
5) Evaluate you robot - ask someone to feedback to you about your designs and it's purpose.  Would this robot be useful in real life? Who would it help? What would be the draw backs?  

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