Wednesday, 11 June 2014

7x1 Independent Enquirers

LO Develop more complex sequencing skills using flowcharts and Flowol software
LO Self manage and be an independent enquirer 

How will we know that you have made progress?
You have completed and tested your Lighthouse 
You have written your annotations
You have made a start on a more complex mimic - use a subsystem?

STARTER:  Recap - where did we get to last week? What did you learn? 

  1. Launch Flowol from Start > ICT & Business > Flowol
  2. Open your Lighthouse mimic and annotations that you started in Word
  3. The Lighthouse - who's got it right? What improvements can we make? Get together in pairs to work it out. 
  4. Update your Flowol annotations in Word 
  5. Explain what each symbol means and why it is needed in your flowchart ?
  6. TEST IT - does it work ?  If not why not? 
  7.  Screen shot and annotate the improvements you have to make.

Try one of the other more complex mimics - work with someone else to see if you can work it out. Make sure you save it in the relevant folder. 

Annotate the development of this new mimic - and your testing of it. What improvements have you made (Level 6/7 stuff)
Can you use a sub-systems?

HOMEWORK SUBMISSION - if you didn't do it last week

Complete this form to give me your blog address so that I can mark your Scratch Homework.

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