Thursday, 5 June 2014

10p1 Monitoring your progress

(Aaron, I've booked an iMac for you, please ask the cover teacher if you can go to collect it, once he or she has done the register and has spoken to the class about what you're all doing today.  You'll need a means of saving your work as the Genius bar will wipe it once you take it back - see email I sent you)


There are some of you who's work I've not marked for ages as you are not completing sections, uploading it to your webpage and telling me it's there.  The sooner, it's there, the sooner I can mark it, and the sooner you can act on my feedback.

Use your planning sheet and my feedback sheet (email, google drive for those of you who've not accessed it for ages) to make improvements to sections of your coursework. 

Promo videos - this could be a decent alternative for making Promo Videos 


LO - To prepare your coursework for marking 
LO - To act on feedback in order to reach your target grade 

Main 1 - The Mark Scheme 

Strand A (9) - Design and development - Overview, Moodboard, Annotations, all storyboards and assets table, test plan
Strand B (7) - Game Functionality - game and test plan
Strand C (7) - User Experience - game and user instructions
Strand D (5) - Game Show case - Promo video 
Strand E (5) - Game Review - on screen review 

Total 33 Marks

There's no point in me marking a section unless it's complete, as I won't be able to award you over 2 marks. 

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